Roger Proudfoot

Your Werrington ward candidate

Roger Proudfoot

I have lived in Peterborough for 15 years. I am passionate about the environment and have worked for 25 years in the public sector in the environmental field. I have a great deal of experience that I can bring to bear on real issues that affect people and I believe there is a lot more we could be doing to improve Peterborough for people and wildlife. 

These are just some of the issues that I would like to campaign for as a councillor: 

Protecting, developing and promoting our green spaces and social responsibility particularly dog owners.

Achieve “20 is plenty” for car speed across residential areas to reduce accidents and injury and reduce pollution in our streets; 

Ensure development is environmentally friendly for people and wildlife and developers provide playgrounds, green spaces and places for community gathering; 

Making sure there is support for friendship clubs so that elderly residents can continue to connect with others and maintain social bonds that keep them active and contributing their wisdom to society; 

Build on the success of the Green Backyard which should be allowed to keep the land on which it thrives and expanding their good work further afield into other communities;   

Supporting the Peterborough Pound and redress the balance between small businesses and multi-national corporations.  

Build on our vibrant music scene and promote opportunities for all parts of our community to engage in this important contributor to our wellbeing. 

Help me to tackle these issues by giving the council a Green voice, join the Green surge and vote for the Green Party in the council elections. 

Roger previously stood for Paston in 2015.