We are working with these campaigns:

save the Green Backyard GBY #saveGBY


To help #saveGBY go here:  www.thegreenbackyard.com/gby-launches-fundraising-campaign


radioactive no thanksWaste & Recycling 

Kings Cliffe Waste Watchers campaigns against the dumping of nuclear waste upstream from Peterborough and the fens

Peterborough for Responsible Waste Management campaigns for much better and environmentally friendly waste management in Peterborough  



votes per seatWe campaigned in Peterborough for a fairer voting system.  We recognise the despair with which many people view our current system (just look at the faces of the people presenting our MP with a petition!)  We know that it consistently fails the voter and many of those who try to participate in it. 

If you have a local campaign which you feel we could help with we would be delighted to hear from you.  Or you might like to spend some time helping with one which is already underway.  Please come along to a meeting and share your thoughts. 


20's Plenty for Peterborough


20’s Plenty for Peterborough is here campaigning for safer, calmer streets:


email the campaign join in and help persuade Peterborough to trial 20mph.

20's Plenty for Us has won lower speeds and a better quality of life for over 7 million people in cities and towns in the UK. 


Join our campaigner Yahoo group groupregister@20splentyforus.org.uk
Join our facebook group http://tinyurl.com/20splentyonfacebook

A policy of "Total 20" can be adopted cheaply and effectively without speed bumps in the road and it can be trialled.  Local Greens think it would be the best policy decision Peterborough could make.  It would be less expensive than a zoned approach or one with lots of speed bumps.  But it could bring huge benefits and help to reduce accidents and increase use of sustainable modes of transport.

In 2007 local Greens proposed a policy of Twenty's Plenty inside Peterborough's Parkways.

Speaking out for a nuclear free future

Read here how Fiona Radic expresses her commitment to a nuclear free future.

nuclear power no thanks badges

Helping to protect the NHS

11 07 17 nhs petition handover

We are asking people who want to protect the NHS to go here and join with us in actions such as this.  On 17th July 2011 campaigners handed over a petition asking Stewart Jackson MP (Conservative) to Save the NHS.  We may not be able to prevent the destruction of the NHS as we know it (its destruction was in the election manifestos of neither the Conservatives nor the Liberal Democrats).  But we have made our views clear.