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If you don't have time, but would still like to help, you might prefer to donate to one of our election campaigns. 

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Events of interest to our members and supporters are listed on little green calendar. Come along and meet us.

Nominate a candidate you think should stand for election

We want to give every person the opportunity to vote Green. In order to do this we need to stand a candidate in every seat which is up for election. We would love to hear from you if you know someone who would make a great Green Party candidate, whether or not they are already involved with the Green Party. You can nominate yourself. You can nominate another person (but if you do this please make sure they are happy to be nominted first!) 

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Register to Vote!

Make sure your name is on the electoral register and that you will be able to vote. Many people do not realise that their name is not listed until it is too late. 

You can register online. 

Telephone electoral services at the city, town or county hall which looks after your area and make sure that eligible people living in your house are registered to vote. You can persuade people to register to vote, but you can't register them. They now have to register themselves, because we now have "Individual Voter Registration" (IVR).

A great many people used to be registered automatically, but are no longer. These groups include students living away from their parents' address. Students can and should be registered at both addresses. Students are allowed to vote in both places, as long as they are not voting in the same election (eg European Parliament, Westminster). Electoral services can always advise you if you are not sure of your rights and obligations.


And get a poster to encourage others too!


The single most useful thing supporters can do to help the Green Party in Peterborough is to join the party.  There is no obligation to get more involved if you can't or don't want to.  We rely on members' and supporters' subscriptions and donations to mount our campaigns. Higher party membership and greater member involvement is one of the best ways to ensure that decisions are more often than not made for the common good, rather than for small, but powerful interest groups.

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