Don't vote yet if you are a postal voter in Peterborough

21 April 2015


The Tribune has reported errors in the issue of ballot papers in Peterborough, affecting some parts of both constituencies: North West Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

We are waiting for confirmation and clarification from the council.

Meanwhile it might be safer for postal voters to hang on to what might be invalid ballot papers.

Questions worth asking:

Which consitutency do I live in?  Look for "Your CONSTUENCY MP...."

Which ward? As above, but this time look for "Your ? WARD councillors...."

Are the candidates on my ballot papers the ones who are really standing in my ward and constituency? 

Why can't people find all this out using Peterborough City Council's website?  Unfortunately we can't answer this question, but we have asked the council to work on this page so that the search function returns the results it promises:


22nd April

We heard from council, along the lines here:

Peterborough City Council comments in the Evening Telegraph.

Wards affected include Park, North and Stanground East.  About 1800 General Election ballot papers in the envelopes sent to voters living in a different constituency. (Peterborough and North West Cambridgeshire). 

late 22nd April

The council has invalidated all ballot papers sent to the wrong voters.  

Some people who have already voted may not realise that their vote will have been invalidated. It helps if people discuss this with friends and family to raise awareness.

The council tweeted this letter yesterday afternoon which it has started sending to affected voters:

PCC letter ballot paper mix up

If you receive this letter, please read it very carefully (possibly twice!) and follow the the instructions.  If you are struggling with something or don't understand what to do, call the helpline: 01733 452282.

23rd April

The council confirmed this morning that a smaller number of the 1800 voters affected live outside North, Park and Stanground East wards.  The council does not need to be alerted to this: it is working through a long list of 1,800 voters and staff are dealing with each affected voter one by one wherever they live. 

So by all means check that you have been sent the correct postal ballot paper.  You can check using the methods above.

But if you are not sure, if you have already voted, or if you know that your general election ballot paper is for the wrong constituency, our advice remains to wait for a letter and a replacement general election ballot paper from the council and for any further announcements in the media. It will take time for all those letters to arrive.

This afternoon the council issued this statement. 












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