Education statement

5 May 2015

Education statement

"Education is close to my heart. I taught in Peterborough and both as a teacher and also as a parent I have seen our education system and the staff within it get pushed from pillar to post each time government changes its mind. 

Children can suffer the consequences. My own son was taught (brilliantly) in a cloakroom at one point. Our current system does not respect child or teacher and hIgh staff turnover results. 

The Green Party is the only party committed to increasing funding for education.  We are looking at a 50% increase in overall funding. 

We would invest £8 billion a year into high quality pre school provision and support for parents in the early years.  We’d raise the age at which children start school to 7.

Another £1.5 billion over the Parliament could bring class sizes down to 20.

Another £2 billion would fund top quality nutritious free school meals.

We over regulate and over assess our children, and still manage to fail many of them. We would like to abolish league tables and SATS.

We would abolish Academy schools: it is unacceptable that state funded schools are run for profit. Academies are much less accountable to parents and as a key public service education should remain in public hands. 

We would reverse the recent damaging cuts to the further education sector and provide it with an additional £1.5 billion, and with that we would also be looking to restore adult education.

We would end tuition fees for university students.

On May 7th you have the chance to vote for what you believe in as Caroline Lucas said: “The coalition’s education policies are letting down our children and letting down our teachers. Successive governments have pitched schools and colleges against one another, with league tables and increasing competition for funding.” 

I understand the pressures facing members of my constituency with regards to education. We need more MPs like Caroline who are not afraid to stand up for our public services such as our schools and I would be honoured to campaign for a better education system as your MP.

Nicola Day, Candidate for North West Cambridgeshire

this item was published on 30th April, 2015 in the Peterborough Telegraph












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