Green mayoral candidate pledges to take average regional salary if elected

7 March 2017

Julie Howell

Julie Howell will donate the rest of her salary to dementia care charities

Julie Howell, Peterborough parish councillor and Green Party coordinator, has pledged she would only take the average regional salary if elected mayor, donating the rest to charity.

Julie, who lives with MS, is a long term disability rights campaigner and has personal family experience of dementia.

As the Green candidate to be the mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Julie is seeking to minimise the cost of the new position and highlight the effects of the Government’s austerity programme and cuts to local authority budgets.

She has promised to only take the average wage for the area, roughly £29,000 per year and donate the rest of the mayoral salary, roughly £40,000, to a charity dedicated to helping those with dementia.

When discussing her reasons for this decision, Julie (pictured) said;

“It is my firm belief that the Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority should not take more from the public purse than is necessary.

“This is why I’ve chosen to accept the average wage of people working in our county rather than the full amount. Any mayoral candidate who wishes to be taken seriously by residents should be prepared to live under the same circumstances as the people that live in our county do.

When elected, I will donate the excess to charities across the combined authority region that are working to support people living with the devastating effects of dementia, including families and carers of those residents directly affected by this challenging disease.

My own grandparents lived with dementia and I have seen at close hand how the condition can destroy people’s lives. I would be pleased and proud as your Mayor to pledge my support for this cause by donating a considerable proportion of my proposed salary towards it.


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