Eye, Thorney & Newborough Ward candidate in 7th September by election

5 August 2017

Michael Alexander

Eye, Thorney & Newborough Ward candidate in 7th September by election

Michael Alexander

Michael has been a major force over the past couple of years in helping the Peterborough Greens develop a workable waste strategy for Peterborough. This has included attending and grafting at over a dozen big Litter Picks.

Michael is a writer and is part of our press team.

If elected, Michael has pledged to campaign hard for improved public transport and protection of the city’s green spaces.

Michael Alexander has previously stood for election to the city council: 

2016     Eye, Thorney & Newborough

2015     East Ward    2015 Profile   Results 

Press Enquiries            

Voting in September

Fewer people are likely to vote in person in a September election.

Schools and universities are have been on holiday, so this election just as the new term gets underway for families and students. Most of us are thinking about subject choices and getting back to work rather than yet more ballot papers. (2017 was supposed to be an election free year!).

If you know you will be or are very likely to be away on the 7th September but you would be able to vote by post (ie you will be there to pick up your ballot paper if it is sent to you in advance by the council by post) you can apply for a "one off postal vote".

Go here to find out about postal voting.

If you are not able to handle your own vote at all and you normally use a "proxy vote" (ie you are happy to authorise someone - your proxy - you trust to vote for you) please check that your proxy will be able to vote for you on the day. If they are ALSO going to be away you need to find a new proxy who will be able to vote on your behalf and your signed form must reach the council by the 22nd August. You can download the form from the council's website.

Go here to find out about proxy voting. (ignore the deadline given online: it hasn't been updated yet since the General Election, and in any case, the council doesn't often have to deal with more than one by election!)

New applications for absent voters are slightly more relaxed:

election details

Eye, Thorney & Newborough Ward 

This by election - further details

Michael Alexander For The Greens is on facebook

By elections

A casual vacancy arises when a councillor does not serve to the end of the term for which they were elected. A casual vacancy arose earlier in Eye & Thorney on the resignation of Cllr David Sanders, but the council could not and cannot legally call a by election unless and until it receives petitions as explained here. The by election in Park Ward (in which a vacancy occurred later) will happen first, since although the vacancy preceded the Eye, Thorney & Newborough vacancy, the petition was received earlier by the council. NB If residents had not got a petition in to the council early enough to trigger a by election, they would have remained unrepresented by the councillor they are entitled to until the next round of elections scheduled for Thursday 3rd May 2018! A by election cannot be called less than six months before a scheduled election.

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