Candidates standing in Peterborough City Council elections on May 3rd

26 March 2018

Peterborough Green Party will stand a ‘full slate’ of 18 candidates in the 2018 Peterborough City Council elections.


Barry Warne



Steve Wilson



Carolyn English



Stefan Clements


Eye, Thorney & Newborough      

Michael Alexander


Fletton & Stanground

Karen Alexander


Fletton & Woodston

David Stevenson



Cherry Beeby


Hampton Vale

Greg Guthrie


Hargate & Hempsted

Alex Bailey



Nicola Day


Orton Longueville

Alex Airey


Orton Waterville

Julie Howell



Fiona Radic


Paston & Walton

Joseph Wells



Goran Radic


Stanground South

Jon Phillipson Brown



Roger Proudfoot



Julie Howell, Coordinator of Peterborough Green Party and candidate for Orton Waterville ward said, “I am immensely proud that Peterborough Green Party will stand a full slate of candidates this year. The high number of Green votes at the 2017 Cambs & Peterborough Combined Authority Mayoral Election showed that there are people living right across the Peterborough City Council electoral area who want to vote Green. By standing a candidate in every ward every resident who wishes to vote Green has the opportunity to do so.”

Howell continued, “Our candidates have been working extremely hard in their local communities since the last city council elections in 2016. We feel confident that we are closer now that we have ever been to returning a Green City Councillor for Peterborough. Even members of local opposition parties agree that it is high time there was a Green voice in the city council chamber. We are pleased to respond to their call by standing a slate of high calibre candidates that we are very proud of and whom residents may have absolute confidence in.” 


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