Orton Waterville elects Julie Howell

Peterborough Green Party is celebrating the historic election of the first Green City Councillor for Peterborough. Julie Howell was elected as the new city councillor for Orton Waterville ward with just over 50% over the vote. The turnout in the ward was 39%.


Speaking of her victory, Julie said “I am shocked, overwhelmed and deeply, deeply honoured to have been chosen by the residents of Orton Waterville. I have worked extremely hard for Orton Waterville over the past two years as a parish councillor and community volunteer. As a result, I have come to know residents very well and I believe that it is this close relationship plus my consistent presence in the ward that has led to this result. I would like to thank the residents of Orton Waterville for their faith in me and my team of volunteers whose dedication to Orton Waterville delivered this result.”

Julie continued “Residents of Orton Waterville tell me that they elected me to be their city council representative because of my hard work in the ward. They told me that I am the only politician they ever see other than at election time. I am committed to honouring their wishes and pledge to put residents’ interests before party politics. I look forward to hearing what people want from me and to working hard to make Orton Waterville an even better place to live.

Green Party candidates gather after the declaration


Julie Howell elected result

Gavin Elsey 1058

Alan Gasparutti 249

Julie Howell 1413

Rachel Speed 64

on a turnout of 39%


political balance PCC 

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Congratulations Julie Howell