Parliamentary by election result

8 June 2019

Peterborough Consitituency

The constituency went to the polls on Thursday 6th June. The result was announced just after 2am on the 7th June. Here is Cllr Julie Howell speaking to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire as the result was being declared at Kingsgate.


Detailed results

The full results were:

Lisa Forbes, Labour Party  10,484

Mike Greene, Brexit Party 9,801

Paul Bristow, Conservative Party  7,243

Beki Sellick, Liberal Democrats  4,159

Joseph Wells, Green Party  1,035.

John Whitby, UK Independence Party  400

Tom Rogers, Christian Peoples Alliance  162

Stephen Goldspink, English Democrats  153

Patrick O'Flynn, SDP  135

Howling Laud Hope, The Monster Raving Loony Party  112 votes

Andrew Moore, independent  101

Dick Rodgers, Common Good  60 votes,

Peter Ward, Renew  45

Pierre Kirk, UK European Union Party  25

Robert 'Bobby' Smith, independent  5


To have saved our deposit we needed at least 1,700 votes. All parties winning fewer votes than this have their deposit retained by the local authority. 

The parliamentary deposit is £500. For this election we are crowdfunding this amount and if you'd like to help to cover it please join our crowd of backers here: or go to our Donate tab here for other ways to support us:

Record % vote share in Peterborough Constituency

year    % of  turnout (ballot papers issued)

2019  3.04  33,998

2017  1.77  47,884

2015  2.57  47,254

2010  1.15  45,142

1987  0.81  61,951   (our predecessor local party)

1983  0.88  57,909   (Ecology Party)

Record set for winner: lowest ever by election vote share


History of the current "Peterborough borough constituency"

The new "Peterborough constituency" boundaries

This week has been remarkable for the number of people who believed they could vote, but were in fact in a different constituency. Recent local government boundary changes were implemented in 2016 which might have given rise to some of this confusion.

But, even more confusingly, the 2018 parliamentary boundary review has been consulted (which many affected people will know) but it has yet to be implemented by the UK government, for reasons it hasn't made clear. 

To see for yourself how this affects you, the POSH, your friends or even whether or not we leave the EU, you can go to:

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