This May, Be The Change

This May, Be The Change

14 April 2016

Who is standing for the Green Party this year? And what do they want to achieve if the city elects them on Thursday May 5th?

Meet Your Greens

08 April 2016

Come along and have a coffee and a chat with the Green Party candidates standing in Peterborough!

Peterborough Election Fraud

22 March 2016

Please call 999 if you believe an electoral offence is currently being committed. If you have become aware of something which you feel is not right please call the council's fraud line and report it.

Help us protect city's green spaces

20 February 2016

But there is a lot we can do to help protect Peterborough's green spaces currently at risk. We are asking people to go into the Town Hall and ask for a copy of the city’s Draft New Local Plan. Or to find it online. Please comment now before the deadline this week!

No Fracking Way! Sunday 31 January 10am

30 January 2016

An event is planned to object strongly to the government's intention to allow fracking. Protesters will meet in Cathedral Square on Sunday 31 January at 10am.

Peterborough & Fenland Green Party splits

20 December 2015

Following on from the Green surge in membership earlier this year there has been growing support for Green activism in Peterborough and Fenland to such an extent that the Peterborough and Fenland Green Party has split into two to focus more on local issues relevant to the more rural areas of Fenland and city of Peterborough. Elections were held for the respective parties committees in September and many new members took on active roles on the committees.

Green Peterborough Open Space

15 December 2015

An Open Space discussion on how to create a green and sustainable Peterborough is being hosted by Peterborough Green Party on Saturday 16th January.

Not In My Name

09 December 2015

Last week I listened carefully to the Prime Minister in making his case for why the UK should join the bombing campaign against Daesh. The debate in the House of Commons was thorough, and the horror and revulsion at recent atrocities in Syria, Paris, Beirut and elsewhere is shared by everyone from across the political divide.

Candidates Wanted 2016

20 November 2015

Peterborough Green Party is looking for candidates wishing to stand for local election in May 2016.

Tax credit changes attack those in work

04 November 2015

David Cameron said he ‘didn’t want’ to cut tax credits - but just three months later it was in George Osborne’s budget. David Cameron’s government slashed tax credits for working people today - breaking a promise he made to the British people just days before the general election. How can the British people ever trust what David Cameron and the Conservative Party say in the future again?

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