Single use bag charges from today

05 October 2015

A 5p charge for plastic bags in England is introduced on Monday 5th of October. So why introduce this now and what does it mean for shoppers?

By election in West Ward 29th October

02 October 2015

Electors may be curious why a by election is happening so soon after the May local elections. An election in these circumstances is not automatic.

Our response to the summer 2015 Conservative budget

01 October 2015

We believe this Budget is cruel, counterproductive and a serious blow for the fight against climate change.

Thank you for voting for us!

30 September 2015

The Green Party went into the 2015 General Election offering a ‘message of hope’. This reflects the Green Party’s place as the third-largest political party in England and Wales with over 67,000 members to date.

Hampton Hargate and Vale Parish Election

08 June 2015

The Green Party to stand a candidate in election on 17th June

RESULTS 8 May 2015

09 May 2015

Creeping privatisation of the NHS

05 May 2015

The last Labour government created an “internal market” in the NHS this meant there were people employed to commission services required (commissioners) and those employed to develop and deliver services (providers).

Education statement

05 May 2015

The Green Party is the only party committed to increasing funding for education.

Voting Green in Polish

04 May 2015

Vote Green - Polish language window poster. This can be printed at home and put in a window.

Don't use your postal vote yet!

21 April 2015

The Green Party is recommending that postal voters wait for confirmation and clarification from the council on how and when to vote in the wake of errors being reported in the Peterborough Tribune.

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