We hold various kinds of meetings.

Committee meetings are open to members of the Green Party.

Our Green Gatherings are public events.

Our monthly Green Party Flash Mob is open to the public.

little green calendar

little green calendar is where we keep the events which we organise ourselves. These events show as green. Some events contain detail. Click to reveal this.

Peterborough events are brown. These are events we are aware of, but are not hosting. Clicking on the event will tell you more.

Peterborough City Council meetings are blue. They are organised by the council.

PinT events are pink. These events are organised by Peterborough in Transition.

Events may be updated and changed, sometimes at short notice, so you might want to subscribe to one or more calendar on your device, so that you can see it using your favourite calendar app. You can do this by going to the google logo at the bottom right hand corner of the calendar. If you do this you will receive calendar reminders and updates.

If you'd like us to list your calendar or if you would like us to list your event please get in touch

Other Peterborough calendars include:  

Vivacity Events  (events at Vivacity's venues)

Cathedral Events

The Green Backyard 

Peterborough does not have a fully fledged city calendar which embraces everything going on in the city. This is a shame, since at first glance it appears that hardly anything is happening in Peterborough. Locals know better. There is a huge amount of activity in the city. We are aware of some valiant attempts to achieve a Peterborough events listing and about a year ago Peterborough City Council was scheduled to erect scrolling screens in Long Causeway. They haven't gone up yet. We would welcome ideas on how to list events more effectively.

Some cities, such as Cambridge make very effective use of old fashioned (but laminated) posters on old fashioned fences. Sadly, Peterborough has not embraced this technology yet.

The only organisation we are aware of which is trying to post city wide events is Idea1, created by Metal (Peterborough team)They created The Fence (aware that we have one or two real fences in the city, but that people don't post their events on them, Idea1 made a digital fence. If you come across other organisations helping to display events in the city please get in touch and we will list them.