How to donate to our campaigns

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Money we are given is used to pay for leaflets which help us to communicate with voters. Our printed material is very popular in Peterborough and we'd love to be able to deliver more, which would help us to get more councillors elected. 
Provided that you are registered to vote in the United Kingdom you can legally give money to a political party.


Types of donation

Would you like to set up a regular donation, or would a one off donation suit you better? 

Click here for Monthly Standing Order Form

Regular donation

Regular donations are the foundation for our campaigns. More people making regular donations means we can be more ambitious. 

One off donation 

These are especially helpful in December, January, February, March or April, when our biggest bills come in.


Join Our Crowdfunders 

We sometimes run a Crowdfunder. You can make a single donation very easily this way and be part of our crowd, with everybody in it joining together to build lots of lots of individual donations into a big fund capable of paying for a deposit or our campaigners' printing costs. 

Online banking  

To do this you need to log into your online banking system with our bank account details to hand.  These are: 


To:  Peterborough Green Party  
Our Bank:  Triodos Bank
Account Number:  20106408
Sort Code: 16 - 58 - 10   


If your bank allows you to provide us with a transaction reference please use your mobile phone number. This helps us identify our donors, which is a legal requirement. But it would help us immensely if you could also contact us separately to tell us about your donation (see "what to include" below)!
Not every bank has a regular payment option available online. If yours doesn't, a monthly standing order would be better if you want to set up a regular donation.


Monthly Standing Order

To set up a regular continuing monthly payment please print and complete this form and post it to your bank. 
Click here for Monthly Standing Order Form  
Please click here for the printable version.



Yes, we still love cheques! Make your cheque payable to "Peterborough Green Party".


Please write your name, postcode and phone number on the back. Then post it to:


Treasurer, Peterborough Green Party
10 Church Street


Over the counter

Or you can make an over the counter cash or cheque deposit directly into this account at any branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Just print out our bank details so you have them with you. Although we don't bank with RBS, they provide an over the counter service for our bank, which is Triodos Bank.
Please contact us to make us aware of your donation (see "what to include" below)!


Things to include with your donation

Please let us have your name, postcode and phone number. If you post a cheque to us you can do this simply by writing these details on the back of the cheque. If you prefer to donate online, you can use your mobile phone number as the transaction reference number. Or you can contact us separately to let us know you've sent us a donation. If we need to confirm your identity, we can then call you.
Whichever way you donate, in order to comply with election law, we will need at least your mobile phone number.
We like to keep track of our donations and we need to stay within the law.  It also helps us to say "Thank You!"  So please don't forget this!   


Not your local party?

If we are not your local party, please consider backing
Eastern Region Green Party or
Green Party of England and Wales


Thank You for becoming a donor

People often have no idea what a donation means to us.
Local Greens work hard attending council meetings, campaigning online, listening to the views of residents and getting our policies across in the city.  But this work is not enough.  Green campaigns also need cash to deliver messages effectively, especially to residents who are not online.
It costs £20 to print 100 glowing green window posters and £200 - £300 to print a ward newsletter.
It costs £500 to stand a parliamentary candidate and an outrageous £5000 for our candidates to stand in elections for Elected Mayor (CPCA), Police & Crime Commissioner and the European Parliament. This is money we have to deposit in order to be able to stand and we only get this back if we can secure at least 5% of the vote. So to get our election deposits back, we need to spend even more to make sure our candidate on the ballot paper can be recognised by voters and that our message is heard. 
We don't have big donors.  We don't take money from grubby big business.  We are not in the pockets of media barons. We have no choice but to ask our supporters and members to dig deep and to contribute as much as we can.  This can be a considerable strain for our members and activists, especially those on low incomes. It helps enormously if those who are too busy to give their time can give money.   


"Thank You!"