Joseph Wells parliamentary candidate with Cllr Nicola Day

Election Results Declared on 7th June 2019

08 June 2019

Cllr Julie Howell speaks on local radio about the by-election result. And why so many Peterborough residents are puzzled about which constituency they live in.

Candidates for the 2019 European Election

16 April 2019

The Eastern Region Green Party has announced its seven Green candidates selected by Eastern Green Party members, for the seven MEP seats up for election in May in the Eastern region

Greens announce candidates for Thursday 2nd May

25 March 2019

Peterborough Green Party has announced its intention to stand a full slate of candidates in this year's Peterborough City Council elections.

Parliamentary Candidates 2019

11 February 2019

Peterborough Green Party has selected its candidates for parliamentary elections in the constituencies of North West Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Parliamentary elections are due to take place in 2022.

Orton Waterville elects Julie Howell

08 May 2018

Peterborough Green Party is celebrating the historic election of the first Green City Councillor for Peterborough

Vote Green

30 April 2018

Peterborough goes to the polls on Thursday. Please vote and please vote Green. We are aiming for one or more Green Wins at this election. Green votes will also put our policies and priorities firmly into the spotlight and make it more likely that they are adopted by Peterborough City Council.

Greens announce candidates for Thursday 3rd May

26 March 2018

Peterborough Green Party will stand a ‘full slate’ of 18 candidates in the 2018 Peterborough City Council elections. "By standing a candidate in every ward every resident who wishes to vote Green has the opportunity to do so."

Let May be The Change!

19 March 2018

Our 2018 local election campaign starts with a crowdfunding drive to help raise the funds we'd like to be able to spend in our 2018 local election campaigns. Monies raised by our backers will be spent first on our Elect Julie campaign and any surplus will be spent on other local campaigns in other wards in Peterborough.

Michael Alexander to contest Eye, Thorney & Newborough by election

05 August 2017

Peterborough Green Party has selected Michael Alexander to stand in the by election on Thursday 7th September

Carolyn English to contest Park Ward by election

21 July 2017

A by election has been called in Park Ward. A casual vacancy as a result of the resignation of a councillor. Residents of the ward have since petitioned the council to hold an election and an election has therefore been called.

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