Carolyn English to contest Park Ward by election

21 July 2017

A by election has been called in Park Ward. A casual vacancy as a result of the resignation of a councillor. Residents of the ward have since petitioned the council to hold an election and an election has therefore been called.

Why it is good to vote Green in NW Cambs

07 June 2017

NW Cambs is one of the safest Tory seats in England (52.5% vote share). No other party but the Tories can win here at present, but by voting for Greg on Thursday you can help us to increase our vote share, election by election. In this video, Peterborough Green Party joint coordinator Julie Howell explains why.

Green Party promises to end 'privatisation experiment' in the NHS

09 May 2017

The co-leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas, is outlining her response to the 'healthcare emergency' in a speech outside St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight.

Why should people vote at all in this election?

28 April 2017

Local Green parties have had a five month run into the biggest election campaign we have ever coordinated across the CPCA area. Listen to Julie to find out what she and local Greens are achieving and why Julie thinks a Green vote could make a big difference. Read our Manifesto - published yesterday- to find out how this area could benefit from doing things differently.

Green Party Mayor - manifesto launch - 27th April

26 April 2017

Thursday 27th April: Come and hear first hand what a Green Mayor would mean for our region!

Green mayoral candidate salary pledge

07 March 2017

Julie Howell, Peterborough parish councillor and Green Party coordinator, has pledged she would only take the average regional salary if elected mayor, donating the rest to charity.

Green Mayoral Candidate makes Dementia Pledge

21 February 2017

Julie Howell, an established campaigner for disability rights pledges to support the rights of people living with dementia

Julie Howell on Why People Fly Tip

15 February 2017

Yesterday was Valentine's day. While social media was awash with little red (and quite a few green) hearts Julie and Paul Stainton discussed the habit of Fly Tipping waste which make parts of Peterborough look unloved.

Cambridge and Peterborough Green Mayor Launch

Greens announce mayoral and local candidates

19 January 2017

The Green Party will, this Thursday unveil Julie Howell, as the official candidate for the position of Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Julie Howell, Peterborough Green Party

Statement by Peterborough Green Party on Free Movement

10 January 2017

Peterborough Green Party is disappointed by the Labour leader’s announcement that he is no longer committed to the principle of free movement and by his decision to make this announcement from Peterborough.

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